vrijdag 25 oktober 2013


 Hi everyone,
Right now, I'm going to talk about my favorite online webshop!
Zalando is known in Europe, they have so much different things you can buy there.
Like shoes, clothing of course, accessoires and even stuff for in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,...
Everything you can imagine. The reason why I really like this website, is first of all, you can be lazy and just shop from behind your computer. Second of all, the shipping is free! So you have no extra costs.
One of my fave shoe brand is Jeffrey Campbell. They have those edgy and awesome high heels.

You know what you can even find there? Beats by dre! The awesome headphones, right now there is even a promo busy on some of them. So you should check them out for sure.

And the brand I like the most for clothes is Hilfiger denim. And just not only for girls, but also for guys.

Click here to shop at Zalando!

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